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After a long and careful analysis by those who have been working in the industrial transport sector for years, INCON was born today. The production of INCON tanks takes place in an industrial complex located in Pieve di Teco (IM). INCON was specifically designed and created with advanced technologies and modern machinery with production lines exclusively "dedicated" to the construction of stainless steel tanks and palletizable containers. All of this allows for the supply of a high-quality product and to provide the most up-to-date solution for those who need to rationally move their goods. INCON: the technological and productive perfection of palletized tanks.

The perfected construction technology and the use of highly sophisticated machinery, with automation processes at every stage of production, make the "INCON palletized container" a qualitatively cutting-edge product.

The stainless steel tanks are made using TIG welding with inert gas protection and the most advanced procedures, such as pulsed arc welding to limit heat input as much as possible, and servo-controlled arc length regulation, to obtain precise and reliable welds.
The "dedicated" welding machines allow for the elimination of manual spot welding, which can often cause defects and localized oxidations. All welding seams undergo a cleaning treatment with automatic mechanical systems.
The robotized MIG welding process for the containment cages ensures not only extreme precision in the joints but also the production of an end product with consistent quality. The logic of a product with such high-quality standards is applied in all external processes as well, carried out with the same advanced methodological criteria, such as laser cutting and numerical control punching.

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