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Rock solid.

INCON produces a complete range of stainless steel tanks and containers, with a full range of accessories and equipment to meet all handling, storage, production, and transportation needs. The INCON tanks and containers are designed to meet requirements of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, eco-friendliness, safety, ease of use, and maintenance. The tank is exclusively made of stainless steel to ensure compatibility with virtually all products, and is generously oversized to withstand heavy and prolonged use over time. The bottoms are cold-pressed and have an optimal shape to avoid stagnant liquid deposits.
A highly robust structure protects the tank and loading/unloading equipment, while also providing great practicality of use, as it is designed to allow palletized container handling with forklifts, pallet trucks, cranes, etc. The connection between the cage and the tank, through the interposition of rubber buffers, eliminates damage due to impacts, vibrations, or galvanic corrosion. All INCON containers for road, rail, and sea transport of dangerous goods are approved according to UN/ADR/RID regulations for "intermediate bulk containers" (GRV-IBC) and have undergone the relevant tests.

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